non-contact speed & length gauge with ZERO speed measurement and non-contact direction detection

Being capable to measure speed and length without contact to the material surface starting from 0m/min including non-contact direction detection with a typical accuracy better +/-0.05% (1σ;length >5m), VLF263 is the ideal gauge for replacing contact tachometers which tend to measurement errors caused by slippage, chatter or vibration, dirt build-up and day to day wear problems. The most compact and easy to handle in class VLF263 uses proven laser doppler technology + special FAE know-how. Thus it has no moving parts, is maintenance free and permanently calibrated, resulting in significant time and money savings. VLF263 is designed for processes with frequent start and stop conditions and change of material direction.

VLF works at almost any moving objects, such as web, coils, tubes, rods, sheets, plates,… and is suited for a wide range of applications, including continuous length measurement, cut-to-length control and differential speed measurement.
• Textile, non-woven and leather
• Steel, aluminium, metal
• Wire, cable and fibre
• Plastic, film, foil and tape
• Paper and corrugated products
• Rubber and synthetic materials
• Wood, glass, ceramics

• Non-contact ZERO speed
• Non-contact direction detection
• Direct replacement for tachometers
• Independent of mat., surface, colour
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Permanently calibrated
• Compact package; easy to handle

Optional Accessories

• SPEED box for fast and easy integration into switch boards
• Display and operator unit with additional monitoring and control functions
• Configuration- & Monitoring and PPS-compatible software
• Forward and reverse measurement
• Air conditioned housing for temperature and dirt protection
• Longterm memory (50000 files)
• Differential speed measurement
• Accredited/certified PTB version
• Customer specific adoptions
• Complete system solutions 



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